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Litigation Practice for Attorneys in United States Tax Court

Comprehensive remote training program to develop a Federal tax litigation practice.  Attorneys will be advised on how to resolve Federal civil tax controversies in U.S. Tax Court with application of the Tax Court Rules of Practice and Procedure, IRC & Federal Rules of Evidence as Applied by the Tax Court as well as on caselaw and recently published division opinions.

Remote 6-Hour Saturday Sessions 1, 2 & 3

Saturday, January 16, 2021-
Saturday, March 27, 2021

Workshops 9 A.M. - 12 P.M. EST
Discussions 3 P.M. - 6 P.M. EST


Former Special Trial Judge
United States Tax Court

Professor of Law | Distinguished Judicial Speaker Tax Law Institute | Admitted to Practice Supreme Court of the United States


Distinguished Author
Former Judicial Law Clerk
United States Tax Court


Professor of Law | Distinguished Author Tax Law Institute | Fmr. Litigator IRS Office of Chief Counsel | Admitted to Practice United States Tax Court | Admitted to Practice State of Indiana

Session 1 | $2995
Session 2 | $2995
Session 3 | $2995

Each session includes three Saturday morning 3-hour workshops & three Saturday afternoon 3-hour real-time discussions and simulations. Includes books. Registration fee $250. Cost of equivalent one-year LL.M. program in this subject is approximately $48,000.  See our 1-day courses:

What You Will Learn About United States Tax Court Practice and Litigation
Litigation | Tax Court Decisions and Opinion Analyses | Jurisdictional and Pretrial Considerations & Procedures | Branerton Conference

Practice and Procedural Rules | Tax Evidentiary Analyses | IRS Docketed Appeals Strategies | U.S. Tax Court Litigation Analysis | Fraud Defenses | Settlement Negotiations

Partnership Items in Tax Litigation | Special and Post-Trial  Procedures & Proceedings | Refund Claims | Administrative Refund Procedures

United States Tax Court

The United States Tax Court is a specialty court that exclusively hears tax law cases. The U.S. Tax Court hears tax deficiency cases - cases in which the IRS asserts that the taxpayer has underpaid his or her tax liability. Prepayment of the proposed tax deficiency is not a prerequisite to litigating in Tax Court. Attorneys must know the IRC, and rules of practice, procedure, and the FRE applied by the Court.

Our Experience in United States Tax Court Dates Back to 1974

Our history in U.S. Tax Court dates back to 1974. Our staff is composed of a former U.S. Tax Court special trial judge who sat on the bench for 20 years and who previously worked in the IRS Office of Chief Counsel - domestic and international offices. Another staff member is a former U.S. Tax Court judicial clerk to a distinguished judge who went on to become an IRS litigator in the Office of Chief Counsel and then a distinguished law professor, legal author and IRC and tax evidence scholar. Staff support includes a Chief U.S. Tax Court Litigation Counsel who is also a CPA-United States Tax Court Practitioner; an IRS Special Enrolled Agent who is an expert tax auditor and tax fraud specialist; an expert in international transactions that include mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures; and a professor emeritus and former White House tax policy advisor who is an IRS approved provider of U.S. Tax Court trial practice, litigation, and appeals expertise.

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